Sometimes noise don’t suffice
I need body
In the heat
I get so frustrated, living becomes overrated
Just to feel you next to me
In the moment
I get so overwhelmed
Ending it makes most sense
I hope they fucking hear me when I yell
And when I do it, I hope it’s a cover story. The rest can learn a thing or two from me. You’ll hold you sister a little closer, tell your girl when she leaves you love her and maybe visit your mother cause not all the time does memory work
In that second I forgot why I remembered
I wouldn’t mind anybody
Reminding me not to leave this body
When sounds aren’t enough to distract me and to feel anything might help me
Other than what I’ve been feeling..
Touch me

omg i don't know why i thought you would be the piercing/tattoo type


Lol nahh I’m bout tattoos, I have two already but literally only have my ears pierced, piercings a complete different story

you ever had a septum piercing? you would look good with one, i mean you look good without it but still lol


Lowkey I’ve always wanted it pierced but I was too scared itd look uggs.. Not to mention I’m three yrs old when it comes to piercings