“Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.”

Rumi (via quotes-shape-us)

Tryna fie yo head up



Just followed; You're beautiful.



When you write I feel as though you want sympathy from those who view it. Another one of those people who claims they over think, they're an outcast that no one understands. You even said once that you wouldn't mind if someone just kill you b/c you can't succumb to killing yourself. I've seen people who gave more than 100% and still didn't make their dream reality. It kills me that they don't dream anymore. But look at you w comfortable clothing and fancy eating. Making yourself more important..


Thank you. It’s always nice when an anon thinks it’s okay to share an uneducated guess of my life with me based on a few tumblr posts. What would I do without it..

i love your awesome forehead ;) lol


Literally sweetest thing I’ve heard all day, thank youu ❤️

u got snapxchat?



do you have an instagram?