try not to listen to him
swaying visions
keep picturing a different person
falling in love with your complexion
look like me
a little obsessive
but no vanity mirrors could
match this picture
clearer, sharper, quiet
like the pond that held those secrets
natty natty couldnt bear that reflection
feuding pisces fish
so i try not to listen
less overwhelming
everything i wanna hear, too soothing
might get what you wanted

Pt. 1

it’s sitting heavy on my chest, weights to eventually confess. my face says it all, night after night, constantly in fright of in the end losing it all… losing you. under the silk gown behind the lady with the spark in her eyes, lies.. lies. a million and one, too many one in a millions
vanished in seconds, love magicians, where have they gone? like a love heart effortlessly, her trunk stands carved, marked and signed, bruises on my willow tree, now I’m rooted in memories.. so pardon me I’ve got to freshen up, dress her up, make her look like she’s never been touched and then maybe hopefully..


i wouldnt lie,
if they were to ever
to ask me,
of course,
abiding by the pages,
i know how these things go,
mysterious, more than the regular, today.
curious, slave to
the serpent,
the savior


My biggest fear is me giving up on me. Not spying enough good in this life, not collecting and smelling enough flowers, not having the strength to be better and grow. My biggest fear is relapse. Back on that emotional roller coaster. I fear losing hope for me, losing sight, I fear waking up and forgetting those on the other side of the globe that have it worse. I hope to never lose reach and always keep in my vision the better times, what is to come, when I fully understand what was meant to be and what is worth it. My biggest fear is not waiting and having patience with me to bloom, ending it soon, and not being strong enough to continue to fight. Succumbing to my emotional instinct, slow sinking cause I don’t even want to think, hiding in the dark cause I almost like it better this way.

Ignorance is bliss.

“Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.”

Rumi (via quotes-shape-us)

Tryna fie yo head up



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When you write I feel as though you want sympathy from those who view it. Another one of those people who claims they over think, they're an outcast that no one understands. You even said once that you wouldn't mind if someone just kill you b/c you can't succumb to killing yourself. I've seen people who gave more than 100% and still didn't make their dream reality. It kills me that they don't dream anymore. But look at you w comfortable clothing and fancy eating. Making yourself more important..


Thank you. It’s always nice when an anon thinks it’s okay to share an uneducated guess of my life with me based on a few tumblr posts. What would I do without it..