What is the sweetest thing s guy has ever done for you...


Mmm… That’s hard lol I really can’t say

Haha cool cool.. How was your day?


It was pretty good actually hby?

Have you ever been with a woman


In my past life

You so cute. I bet that you get all of your selfies right on the first try


Thank you.. And alll the way not lol I sift through like 1000 pics before I get it

u gone claim rich or na?


ya a rel maco

what hair products do u use? my hair is similar to yours but mines a complete mess :( idk at least what shampoo do u use? your curls look bomb


I use Aussie miracle moisturizer but I don’t really think what you use daily matters that much, a good shampoo/conditioner or a deep conditioning every few weeks is really what keeps my hair looking healthy. And for shampoo anything that’s natural, anything w/ coconut oil or Moroccan oil. I tend to switch up a lot so there’s no particular shampoo really.

I luh you bae


love youu mucho more ariiii<3 lol

What part of Trini yous from ma?


san fernando

you're soo beautiful :)!


thanks babes

Lol i read that in a jamaican accent.. Wassup tho!


Lol nothin’ juss coolin’